Sandusky Review


The Sandusky Review is a quarterly artifact of fiction and art, created by the Jackson, Mississippi artist gorjus. All issues are available as a free download, with physical artifacts available for $5 postpaid at the address below.

  1. Issue 1 Cover Download

    Issue One

    Chock full of some gorjus comics strips and stories about the Commodore 64, Metallica, turning 30, and indy rock romance and heartbreak. The physical artifact comes with a one-of-a-kind gorjus Polaroid on the cover.

  2. Issue 2 Cover Download

    Issue Two

    "Sleeping Aides and Razorblades," is two intertwined stories set in Jackson, Mississippi. It tastes like ripped-knee bluejeans, punk rock, making out, getting your heart broken, Eudora Welty, the Jitney 14, and blowing all your tips at a dive bar before you can pay your rent. The physical artifact comes with a hand-colored cover.

  3. Issue 3 Cover Download

    Issue Three

    "The Grief; or, A Mississippi Terror Story," is set in Greenville, Mississippi, in 1935. Through black & white scratchboard illustrations it tells the story of how the Devil walked in the Delta, and of the man who would kill him in revenge.

  4. Issue 4 Cover Download

    Issue Four

    The fourth volume of the Sandusky Review artifact, "Chopping Tulips," is set in our post-Katrina New Orleans and is a sequel, of sorts, to Vol. 2. It tastes like ripped-knee bluejeans, punk rock, train rides, making out, getting your heart broken while you get drunk on Bourbon, fickle artists, and tattoos you'll never regret. It smells like Jack Daniels and comes with guides to four legendary New Orleans drinks.